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Our Services

Here at Green Tater Productions, we not only create our own unique content, but we also offer our production services to create custom film and media projects for clients as well.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, we provide high quality and affordable production services to both the local and surrounding areas.

You have an audience to reach, and we are here to help by: shining a spotlight on you and increasing your exposure to the world, taking your exciting story idea or script and helping bring it to the screen, or promoting your business with a new commercial that will draw in a larger client base.


Green Tater Productions is here to help you create something amazing and bring your idea to life!


Below are several packages that we offer to help you choose what is right for your project.

Every potential client gets a FREE 30 minute consultation

with our creative staff to discuss your project*.


This is a no obligation meeting: we simply want to introduce ourselves so that you feel confident in Green Tater Productions being the right team to help bring your idea to life.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to start making your dream project a reality!

Thanks for submitting!


*All creative ideas provided by Green Tater representatives on how to proceed with a project will belong to Green Tater Productions. Choosing to use any discussed creative plans with another company may result in legal consequences.

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