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About Us

Green Tater Productions is a Philadelphia based film and media arts production company on a mission to create film projects that showcase our original storytelling abilities and unique world building skills. We also offer our services to clients looking to bring their own film and commercial ideas to life.

The Tater's story began back in 2018, with Doug, Ryan and Ted coming together to begin work on a new web series, After the End. Tariq soon joined the project as a cast member, and before long was invited into a larger role, and the current Green Tater Productions Team was born.

Our projects began as primarily self funded and low budget, but because we are constantly striving to create bigger and better art, that standard has quickly risen. In addition to our initial web series, Green Tater Productions has now completed several short films and web shorts, and will soon begin work on a feature length film.



The Green Tater Productions Team consists of:




Managing Director &
Co-Artistic Director

Director, Lead Writer, Producer, Actor



Casting Director &
Co-Artistic Director

Director, Lead Writer, Actor



Director of Photography

Cinematographer, Editor, Visual Effects Coordinator, Writer



Public Relations Manager

Director, Consistency Manager, Actor

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